Marble is a porous material that will absorb any oils or liquids that reach its surface. While wear can be attractive, if you wish to maintain the marble's luster simply apply a polish or sealant specifically manufactured for marble on a semi-regular basis. We recommend seeking advice from a local expert, and keep in mind that BLOCK has a honed finish. 

To clean BLOCK from normal use, gently dust the stone surface with a soft cloth to remove any debris. Occasionally you may want to use some warm water and a mild detergent, followed by a soft cloth to thoroughly dry the surface.

*Never use anything acidic or abrasive to clean your BLOCK, this will dull the marble surface. Do not use soap as this can cause discolouration.

Marble is a natural material and no two BLOCK's will ever wear the same.




Your BLOCK is made from a solid slab of marble weighing between 6-10 kg (13-22 lbs). Never place your BLOCK on any surface that cannot comfortably bear its weight. Keep BLOCK out of reach from children. Always handle BLOCK with two hands to avoid the risk of dropping.

If your BLOCK is dropped it could shatter, damage whatever surface it falls onto, or cause injury. We cannot be responsible for the mishandling of BLOCK. Do not use BLOCK for anything other than its intended purpose.