Q: How should I maintain my stand?

A: Very little maintenance is required for BLOCK. To clean from normal use, gently dust the stone surface with a soft cloth to remove any debris. Occasionally you may want to use some warm water and a mild detergent, followed by a soft cloth to thoroughly dry the surface.


Q: What can I expect from the finish?

A: BLOCK is finished off with a honed polish. Marble is a natural stone and each piece will have its own unique characteristics.


Q: Can I select the marbling pattern for my BLOCK? 

A: Unfortunately this is not possible. While we do oversee BLOCK's production from start to finish, the way each unit is cut is largely dictated by the slab itself. Marble is a gorgeous stone, and due to the intrinsic nature of marble, we do not know the exact pattern that will be revealed until we begin cutting.  The orientation of each BLOCK will vary due to a combination of what would work best for the stone as well as what looks the best to us.


Q: How can I expect the marble to wear?

A: Each raw slab will have a different porosity, density, and composition of various minerals and deposits. Because of this there is no one specific way your BLOCK will mature. Unless something is spilled on your stand, or your stand is improperly cared for, there is little reason for any changes to occur. During our seventeen months of development, we found no visible changes to our samples, all of which were used daily. 


Q: Will the marble scratch my computer?

A: It is possible, however, during our testing period, no laptops were scratched. Any marring of the computer would have more to do with improper use rather than the material itself. Your stand will come with a buttery-smooth polish and because the corners cradle the computer, once slid into place, the computer sits stationary.


Q: Why is there are 4-6 week lead time for my stand?

A: Producing BLOCK is quite complex. Each piece takes approximately 7 hours to produce and is done in a series of steps that can take up to two weeks to carry out. Most of the time BLOCK will be in stock and ready to ship, however we are unable to promise that will always be the situation. We produce in small batches and need a certain number of orders to produce the next batch, in which we then also order more pieces for inventory. In addition to, depending on where in the world you are located and how imports are handled in your country of residence, this can extend delivery times. 


Q: Is there anything special I should know about using a marble laptop stand?

A: Marble is heavy. For your own safety, handle your stand with care. If you must relocate BLOCK, always use two hands. Marble is both strong and brittle. If your stand is dropped it could shatter and possibly damage whatever else it lands on, be it your floor or your foot.

Most of BLOCK is thick and robust, and while our product testing has not given us reason for concern, it goes without saying that the corners which cradle the laptop are vulnerable. Treat your stand like any other beloved possession and slide your laptop into place with care.


Q: Is the packaging recyclable?

A: BLOCK's packaging is 100% recyclable. That said, we have created a very lovely and robust box, which we hope you would like to keep. Use it to safely move BLOCK in the future, or to store other cherished objects that could benefit from a hand-made, triple-walled box. Please reference the technical specifications at the bottom of this page for additional packaging details.


Q: What are the technical specifications of BLOCK?

A: All technical details are listed below.




BLOCK for MacBook Pro 13" / 15"

Material - Italian Statuario

Feet - Polyethylene (3M™ Bumpon™ Made In The USA)

Length - 30.5cm  /  35

Width - 26.5cm  /  30

Height - .81cm - 5.01cm  / .81cm - 5.5cm

Weight - 8kg  /  10kg (BLOCK only)

Weight - 10kg  /  12kg (with packaging)

Made In Germany

BLOCK for MacBook

Material - Italian Statuario

Feet - Polyethylene (3M™ Bumpon™ Made In The USA) 

Length -  28cm

Width - 22cm

Height - 1.01cm - 5.01cm

Weight - 6kg (BLOCK only)

Weight - 8kg (with packaging)

Made In Germany


Materials - Triple layered binderboard, corrugated fiberboard, paper, adhesive

Length - 29.5cm (for BLOCK 12"/13")  /  37.5 (for BLOCK 15")

Depth - 29cm (for BLOCK 12"/13")  /  37 (for BLOCK 15")

Height - 9cm (for BLOCK 12"/13"/15") 

Weight - 2kg (for BLOCK 12"/1")  /  3kg (for BLOCK 15")

100% recyclable

Made In Germany